OGUNLANO is an independent Nigerian/World musical duo, and the inspiration behind the genre 'Orisa Beat'. With powerhouse vocals singing in the language of the Yoruba people of Nigeria, West Africa, combined with traditional African drums and elements of jazz, house, pop, and everything in between, OGUNLANO is sure to reawaken your spirit and connect you back to the nostalgia of soul stirring, good music.

Since the release of their debut single, 'Eṣu Is Coming' on 1/21/17 (available digitally everywhere), OGUNLANO has been working diligently on the Eṣu Is Coming EP, set for a release of summer 2018. 

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OGUNLANO is set to release the new single, 'Elese Oka', from the Esu Is Coming EP on 6/22/18. Available everywhere!

OGUNLANO is set to release the new single, 'Elese Oka', from the Esu Is Coming EP on 6/22/18. Available everywhere!

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Previous events

OGUNLANO Presents: Culture in the City

 —  —

Apache Cafe, 64 3rd St NW, Atlanta

CULTURE IN THE CITY with Ogunlano!!! Hosted by Ashley Bruton featuring Lotus Love, Tahir RBG and many more special guests Doors - Dinner - Drinks 9:30P Showtime 10:30P $16 online | $22 at the door 21+ Click the pic for tix!

Drum. Music. Dance. Tambor Atlanta

Wildpitch Music Hall, 255 Trinity Ave, Atlanta

Tambor Party January 20 will be our very first event with a LIVE BAND!.

We are very excited to have the AFROBEAT full band from Nigeria OGUNLANO.

Please join us for this very special night of LIVE Afrobeat fused with the sounds and beats from Tambor's own Stan Zeff.
Its going to be "RediK"

Tambor Members $7.00 all night Students $7.00 all night LIMITED RSVP for FREE entry before 11pm at http://tamborparty.eventbrite.com

General admission: $15.00

Venue: Wildpitch Underground 255 Trinity Ave, Atlanta, 30316

2nd Annual Black Power Awards

Sheraton Atlanta Downtown, 165 Courtland St NE, Atlanta

The 2nd Annual Black Power Awards weekend, Friday Nov 17th thru Sunday Nov 19th. Workshops, marketplace, convention, awards ceremony, afterparty and more!!

Hosted by David Banner and Ernestine Johnson! The most Beautiful Black Experience of the Year!!

Opening the awards ceremony this year is Ogunlano Music, performing live!

Orisa Urban World Festival


This year’s ORISA URBAN WORLD FESTIVAL will pay tribute to the artistic beauty and wisdom of the Orisa manifested through art in the Urban World community. Artists from around the world unite to display their creative journeys through music, film, words and art. Ogunlano Music is performing!

My Voice: A Fundraising Gala

University Community Center, 14013 North 22nd St, Tampa, FL 33613

Divine Helping Hands Presents: My Voice. A night to experience African culture, hear her voice, discover, enjoy, and celebrate a retrace of your roots. Modern and traditional African music and dance will be performed by Ogunlano Music & Ajose Afrikan.

Ticket: $50/person. Food, pictures and drinks included. Advance purchase only. No tickets will be sold at the door.

Esu Is Coming to ATL!

Egbe Tiwalade, Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, we're coming your way! This release will feature a few of Atlanta's hottest African fashion designers!

Ogunlano Music & Oyotunji African Village Presents: Esu Is Coming to Oyotunji!

 —  —

Oyotunji African Village, 56 Bryant Lane, Sheldon, SC 29941

Ogunlano MUSIC & Oyotunji African Village Presents: Esu Is Coming to OYOTUNJI

Join us for a day full of festivities!

11am Salute to Esu 11:30am Tradition & Culture (Panel Discussion) 1:45pm Orisa Song & Dance Class 3:33pm Bember to Esu 9pm Afterparty w/Live Performances

Eṣu Is Coming Single Release Party!!!

Ilesa Ire Temple, 4307 NE 70th Pl, Gainesville, FL

Ogunlano Music Presents: Eṣu Is Coming Single Release Party!

Join us as we celebrate the release of Eṣu Is Coming, the first single from Ogunlano Music. A bembe to Eṣu will begin at 3:33pm, sharp, followed by the premiere of the song, then we party with live performances and more! Special guests will be announced momentarily. This event is free and open to the public.

•If you have Eṣu, BRING EM!!!•

We invite you to bare witness to the beginning!!!

EṣuIsComing #121


AFIYA Magazine Article 

Alafia! When things get a bit quiet, do know that we are working on something pretty big. In the meantime, we were featured on the cover of Afiya Magazine's May/June Edition, titled 'Ogunlano Music: Love, Cultural Pride & Balance'. For a sneak peek of the article, check out Ogunlano Music: Love, Cultural Pride & Balance. If you'd like to purchase the magazine, either digitally or hardcopy, visit AFIYA Magazine - Ogunlano Music. Thanks so much for your support!!!

Esu Is Coming! 

Alafia oo!
   We hope all of you are well! We would love to get your feedback regarding the 'Esu Is Coming' record. This is a project that has been in the works for quite some time, and we are so excited to finally be able to share it with you. The official release date is 01/21/2017. Stay tuned for teasers, photos, live updates, show dates, and more! Spread the word! Orisa gbewa ooo!