We stand on the shoulders of those that came before us.”

— Ogunlano

OGUNLANO is a Nigerian - American musical duo consisting of husband and wife, Oba (King) Tayese Ogunlano & powerhouse vocalist Yeye Tayese Ogunlano. The duo sings in English and Yoruba - the traditional tonal language of the Nigerian people, which has the largest number of native speakers.

In the Yoruba language, OGUNLANO translates as 'the warrior clears the path'.

Much of OGUNLANO's mission is to preserve African culture and traditions that inspire future generations of performing artists within the fields of African visual, recording and performing arts. 

Coining the term ‘Orisa Beat’ to describe their sound, OGUNLANO's music can best be described as a collaboration of fusing traditional African drumming and singing with elements of house, jazz, rhythm & blues and afro-beat. 

‘Orisa beat is music for your spirit’, says Oba Tayese Ogunlano. 

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