24th Annual Obatala Festival Celebration



You are cordially invited to join HSH Oba Atayese Ogunlano, family and extinguished guests as we celebrate 24 years in the priesthood of the sacred Yoruba deity of excellent character, creation, patience and wisdom, Obatala Ajaguna!

Assigned with bringing morality into the world, amongst other important duties, Obatala represents and stresses morality, purity, clarity, patience, humility, respect for self and others especially elders, monogamy, and creativity. Obatala also reminds us that all of us have taboos, natural laws that we must follow in order to keep our lives as balanced as possible and so that we may complete the task assigned to us. 

We are pleased to announce that this year's Obatala Festival will be held in Oakland, CA!

For more information: obatalafest@gmail.com or 470-365-3622